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The only problem I have with the RIA is that they both shoot high and that can be fixed. Sep 25, 2016 · The Rock Island Armory 1911 full size that we tested is a large pistol, it uses a wide double stacked magazine as opposed to traditional single stack 1911’s. Rock Island Armory 1911 5″ Full Size Tactical Builder’s Kit RAMPED 40 S&W. No failures to feed, no failures to extract, nothing. 250 CutStock Screws InstalledEjector Installed. 15:03. Item Number GUN012. Photo by Aaron Walton Build Quality. I fell prey to the blem 1911 frames Palmetto State had on sale during Black Friday last year and ordered 2 carbon steel frames for future projects. 45 twinpines, ria 1911 mini, rock island armory 1911 sub compact, rock island armory 1911 subcompact, rock island armory 22 conversion kit, rock island armory, twin pines, rock island twin pines, rock+island+1911+45+range report, rockisland 1911 subcompact The Rock Ultra MS pistol is chambered in 10mm and comes equipped w/ a 4. The Taurus is an excellent gun and is the best shooting 1911 that I have and I have 5 of them. All parts are Fully CNC Machined. Jun 11, 2015 · Upon disassembly, it was clear the Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 1911 had been thoroughly cleaned. We know that 80% 1911 pistol kits are much more affordable and serve well as fully functional, everyday carry firearms. Shop our vast selection and save! No FFL is required to purchase this 80% 1911 kit. We’re already prepared to help you remotely 24/7/365. Product #: 1552990A. 45ACP with a 5” button rifled barrel supported by a full length guide rod. And did some polishing and fine tuning. Only beef is the full length guide rod means the front bushing needs a hole in it Apr 01, 2016 · If you want a 1911, but you want to spend less than $1,000 you should look hard at the Rock Island Armory models. Rock Island Armory Kit Build Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting. Rock Island Auto 1911 Frame, Parkerized. Finish is nice with just a few light marks and scratches. 45 1911 Serrated Style Slide, Front and Back serrations for a build. 5” barrel, smooth wood grips and a parkerized finish. There are NO cast or injection molded parts. Mar 13, 2018 · All Rock Island Armory frames and slides are manufactured on modern CNC equipment out of 4140 chrome-moly steel. 17 Dec 2017 RIA (Rock Island Armory) 1911s are derivative of the US Military G. Stopped by the range on the way home to try out the new RIA 1911 10mm. I. There are many companies that specialise in gun upgrades and maybe even more single gun enthusiasts that temper with their firearms to a safe extent. Rock Island 1911A1 Review: Reliable, affordable, but far from pure. 00. Rock Island Armory Caliber Build Thread Ruger P94 - sort of a build thread. I’m testing the Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra MS, a Commander-size 1911 in . 1 review Write a Review You can pick from all of our woods and options to build your own set of 1911 grips. The remaining balance of your build is due when the pistol is finished. Shop our vast selection and save! dovetail- Snag free dovetail front sight cut-sights installed- Rock Island Armory logo (left side)- Finish Parkerized- Caliber 10MM chambered ramped standard  Find a large selection of Rock Island Armory at low Fleet Farm prices. 1911. Still. The price difference would get almost 2,500 rounds of . We do carry the matching ACT-MAG magazines for you to purchase separately. Become your own firearm builder with any of our 1911 pistol kits. Full Size 45 ACP Parts Kit- Slide GI serration- Completely machined- Snag free dovetail rear sight cutvak dovetail- Snag free dovetail front sight cut-sights installed- Rock Island Armory logo (left side)- Finish Parkerized- Caliber 45 ACP chambered non ramped standard barrel- Completely machined- CAL 45 ACP marking (top chamber)- Finish parkerized- Complete set of 1911 caliber 45 small parts Overall length of the Rock River Arms 1911 Carry Pistol is 8. I found out I was being sent a Rock Island Armory 1911 in . It is also arguable that Rock Island has added some subtle improvements in their 1911 design. Jan 16, 2007 · Rock Island’s 1911 A1 45 GI This Rock Island 45 is a well built all steel model of the 1911 A1 we all know and love. After a brief intro, he gets… Rock Island Arsenal Ria & Sti 1911 . 6 gr. I'm on 3500 rounds through my stock RIA gov't and have yet to have any issues whatsoever. The TAC series is Rock Island Armory’s most versatile, all-around 1911 and includes precise engineering elements built with every tactical advantage and choice you could want. Exhibits interpret the history of Rock Island Arsenal and the Union prison camp Apr 18, 2018 · Tisas vs ATI and Rock Island 1911s compares them with $1k 1911 but I'm more interested in which is best it would make a solid base gun for a build. Rather, it’s a representation of the original M1911. Gun started as a 1911-A1 and someone put a lot of quality work into it. ” Since it’s Armscor/Rock Island Armory (the company building more 1911s than any other company in the world), they did it. 22 Magnum 1911. It’s one of those guns people just love, and the market reacts to what the people love. I'll definitely be buying  Choose Your 1911 Building Adventure! Pick your size, caliber, and sights to create your own personalized builder's kit. Rock Island Amory 1911 10mm range visit. Like most “mil-spec” 1911 clones, the parkerization on the Rock Island Armory gun is black. Shot 110 rounds of reloads (165 gr. These are for people who want a 1911 but cannot afford to go out and buy an expensive, ready to roll out of the box, uber expensive 1911. Rock Island Armory 1911 5″ Full Size Tactical Builder’s Kit RAMPED 10mm. Home Forums > 1911 Forum > 1911 Gunsmithing > Rock Island as a build platform Discussion in ' 1911 Gunsmithing ' started by 230gr , Feb 19, 2014 . “I think he said ‘build a . $950. . Rock Island Armory 51485 TAC U. 25” button rifled barrel supported by a full-length guide rod and smooth angled, snag-free style allows for a quick draw in fast need situations. This RIA came packaged in a nice range style box that can be locked if need be, or if required in your state during transportation. 45’s in my gun collection, but I wanted to shoot traditional which meant I needed a standard, G. Call us at (360) 378-5884 for support. Dec 8, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Deep South. Description. They are designed and manufactured by Armscor in  Definitely learn on ton of the first one then the second one should just be knocking it out of the park as with most anything you can build. I remember being a kid in the 1980s swooning over Colt’s glossy catalog and its then brand-new Mustang. 22LR 1911-Based Pistol Part 1 of 3 The Rock Island Armory XT series of pistols have opened the door to inexpensive, reliable, and fun shooting 1911-based pistols intended for target shooting, competition, plinking rounds, defensive work, and hunting rodent-like animals. The Rock Island Armory 1911 series is a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols. Again. ) Custom Rock Island Armory 1911. 22 Magnum ammunition. Sheldon M. Choose Options; Dawson Precision Rock Island 1911 Novak Style Fixed Carry Black Rear Magazine Loading Tool - Specially designed to fit Rock Island Armory Single OR Double Stack Handguns Magazines. model. Oct 26, 2017 · The Rock Island Armory 1911s are value priced too. The Rock Island Arsenal Museum was established on July 4, 1905. The second part of having fun with a handgun is customisation of your Rock Island 1911 with the help of gun parts. Tuason was excited about the cartridge, and it wasn't long before Rock Island Armory was making production versions of the pistol chambered in . 75 inches (from the bottom of the magazine to the top of the rear sight). Unique. I am the second owner. *BRAND NEW IN THE PACKAGE* (NON-RAMPED BARREL) Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical Builders Kit w/ Slide & Barrel Caliber: 45 cal Version: Tactical Model: 5" Full-Size Description of Product- 1911 45 cal Builders Kit excluding frame and magazine DISCLAIMER: These require fitting. Add some spiffy new updates geared toward the younger tactical set of shooters and you’ll have a winner. Aug 26, 2013 · Re: Rock Island Arms Tactical 1911 by Bullseye10X on Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:43 am DavidR wrote: If your going to spend 500. A few notes from the manufacturer: There have been several videos on youtube as well as some articles floating around online. Rock Island Armory’s most versatile, all-around 1911. They are designed and manufactured by Armscor in Marikina, Philippines, and distributed in the United States by Armscor USA, located in Pahrump, Nevada. Order Rock Island Armory 1911 parts from Numrich - providing parts, accessories, and schematics since 1950. These pistols were rock island armory 1911 gi 45acp full size 5 thrd bbl 8rd – 4806015514732 ria 51473 rock island rocki 51912 gi std baby rock 380 cs – 480601551912 35207 Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 ROCK Standard - 45 ACP. 00 – $1,050. Manufacturer: ROCK ISLAND ARMORY (MADE BY ARMSCOR) Model: 1911. 1911 Classic Jig. 40 (the para clone with checkered front strap and full dust cover). Armscor produces the Rock Island Armory 1911 handguns. Reasonable, nay, inexpensive. 22 This was a RIA 1911 I traded for and used for a guinea pig build up. The High Standard GI 1911, pictured above, is manufactured by ARMSCOR, Arms Corporation of the Philippines. Now I have to clean my Rock Island 1911 No target to bring home and brag about. Includes aset of 1911 small parts sporting  Build Custom AR15 Tactical Operator Level Assault Rifle Firearm. remains open for manufacturing during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 50; Qty: 48. MSRP: $1,322. i love it. The M22 is a great starter rifle due to its affordable price and manageable recoil. 45 ACP or 9mm! Please note that this kit does NOT include a frame or magazine. Rock island armory's 1911's. This is the premier 10mm pistol on the market and with an adjustable trigger, this pistol is guaranteed to exceed the expectations. You are correct in that they are "just fine. Military Automatic Pistols 1920-45" by Scott Meadows. The Rock Island pistol is built with 4140 steel, using a CNC manufacturing process which makes The 1911 is an ancient weapon, at least by modern standards. Posted by john curry on Jan 29th 2019. Beveled mag well and Novac light rail added. 45 ACP. Grips upgraded. Rock Island Armory 51991 Rock. Whether you’re in need of a 1911 80% tactical frame, 1911 80% GI complete kit, 1911 80 percent build kits, stainless steel slide, 1911 A1 USGI parts kit or more; The Buffalo has you covered. A little company called Rock Island Armory produces tons of different 1911s at excellent prices. I just ordered a slide, frame and barrel for a 1911-build project (unrelated to this pistol review), and those three parts alone cost me double what Rock Island Armory's XT 22 is listed for. 1911 Pistols. I have about 3-4000 rounds through it and thought it was due for a range report and today shot 380 rounds through it in 95 degree weather for a class (PPIH). What’s almost as important, especially for a new 1911 owner, is that the weapon comes with quality customer service. This is the best entry level parts kit you can get for your money. 1911 80% BOBTAIL COMMANDER 4. Every single part needed to complete a Stealth Arms 80% 1911 build. However, a design that was considered little better than a toy 30 years ago Jan 28, 2014 · Rock Island and Armscor have 1911’s, shotguns, rifles and a few other offerings, their platforms are solid performers and they have built a great reputation with some great firearms. A ready to go, store bought 1911 handgun is one thing, but assembling your Engineered to the highest standards with low tolerance, Rock Island CF 1911 Pistols let you enjoy the pleasure of shooting a wide array of calibers with a classically styled frame. These pistols are commonly available in the $400 to $500 range, or around half the price of a Colt. The Rock, as we affectionately call the modern gun, is a good buy. 20 In this pistol review video, Paul Harrell takes a look at a Rock Island Armory (RIA) 1911 pistol, and shoots it right alongside a Colt 1911. ROCK ISLAND ARMORY MAG BABY ROCK 1911 380 380ACP 7RD SS – 812285021317 RIA 380797 $ 41. Build a man a fire and he will be warm for the night, but set a man on fire, and he will be warm Oct 09, 2017 · Over all I like what Rock Island/Armscor is producing. 45 ACP that features some excellent upgrades and a surprisingly low MSRP of $731, with shop prices even lower, often Mar 07, 2018 · I just ordered a slide, frame and barrel for a 1911-­build project (unrelated to this pistol review), and those three parts alone cost me double what Rock Island Armory’s XT 22 is listed for. 6 Jun 2019 All RIA 1911s are built out of 4140 chromoly steel using CNC equipment and are designed to be entry level models on the 1911 market, though  The Rock Island Armory 1911 series is a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols. 45 Full-Size 5" Tactical Builders Kit w/Slide & Barrel - $345. Step 1: Buy low-end functioning 1911 and start replacing internal parts. Please leave thoughts or questions on  12 Nov 2015 In this part of my Rock Island 1911A1 build I install and test a Wilson Combat Ultra Light Match Trigger, Wilson Combat Drop In Beavertail, and  NOTICE- For customer supplied guns HCG and Tac packages 12 week estimated build times. 40ACP/. Barrel Bushing, Full Size, Blued. And thankfully the aftermarket handgun market is as versatile as can be. 45 ACP) It’s not often that we are asked to test multiple handguns at the same time. A proper gun grip is the first part on your Rock Island 1911 that you will come into contact with while reaching for it in the holster. There are possibilities of changing a grip in the process of finding the right one. ’ ” “That’s what I thought he said. I’ve been working with a Rock Island Armory XT22 Magnum Pistol off-and-on for three weeks now. I recommend the Rock Island standard government 1911. $425 and the tenn. :D Due to CA 1 handgun per month law, I can't pick it up until early January. Chambered in 45  Rock Island Armory M1911 GI Standard FS Pistol is a great representation of the original US GI combat issue 1911 and is chambered in 45 ACP and built with  Brownells is your source for ROCK ISLAND ARMORY at Brownells parts and accessories. $49. The original M1911 was similar to the Model T Ford, in that you could have any variety you wanted, as long as it was the same one that came off the factory floor. Budget priced great quality Rock Island Armory 1911 Pistols. Add To My Wishlist. I need opinions on the build list, I included rationale when I could think of it. Sep 28, 2017 · Rock Island Armory is best known for their budget oriented 1911s. The Rock series is Rock Island Armory’s most well-optioned line of 1911 pistols built in the traditional 70 series design with the addition of next level upgrades. Apr 28, 2015 · Review: Rock Island Armory TAC ULTRA CS 1911s (9mm & . 45 ACP 2 Tone - $477. This is a direct replacement sight set for all of the original standard fixed or adjustable sights. I liked the sight very much, but it was very loose, I could slide it in with my fingers. Well, for one of those frames the future is now. That were acquired by Armscor in the Phillippines to make the all to popular. 45 ACP Pistol When it comes to a personal defense handgun, the Rock Island Armory 1911 GI Standard FS is one you can trust. Well, I just got my new Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical. 38 caliber revolver, the M200 which is the 4” barreled “servi "Just got home about 10-15 minutes ago. Rock Island Armory 1911 . Forever? Gun Review: Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style 9mm. 00 Rock Island Armory 51615 GI St. ROCK ISLAND ARMORY 1911 . as always works great. Gun Review: Rock Island Armory TCM TAC Ultra FS in . Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact GI . One of the barrels is chambered for 9mm, the other for Rock Island's proprietary bottleneck cartridge, the . But beware of some initial break-in, potential for hammer bite, and terrible GI sights. Week one was love. Let’s see if it will run with the big dogs? Rock River Arms, Inc. 16. For a box stock GI issue style 1911 it makes a good starter to build from or for a spare to have around. For several years now, the company has been offering combo packages: a 1911 supplied with two barrels and recoil springs. Greg Cote, LLC Rock Island Armory 9mm-. Like all Rock Island 1911s, each is built using 4140 ordnance steel on the industry's best CNC machines while being hand-fitted and tested to strict tolerance guidelines for Rock Island Armory 1911 5″ Full Size Target Builder’s Kit . Forged 4140 FS frame. It is hard to go in any gun store and not see an RIA 1911 for sale. Fixed sights. jcs3876 Club Subscribed Club Subscribed 1911 NOTES: Frame Size Compatibility – Measuring from the center of the slide lock pin, the dust cover must be from 1 5/8” to 3 ½” to work with the CCU. Rock Island Armory currently produces a handful of different 1911 models, including a G. Apr 03, 2020 · The guns at this level are NOT exceptional guns, but ones that will do the job and get better with a minimal amount of work. 380 ACP cartridge. All projects are user- submitted and showcase a variety of Cerakote colors, techniques and more. This means knowledgeable, prompt responses, and technical expertise. I did some reading on the net and it turns out there is a company called "Rock Island Armory" based out of the Philippines who make inexpensive 1911s. $930. Custom pistol ordering process: we collect $2500 on order. Classically styled to resemble the original 1911 design, Rock Island's 1911 Pistols are engineered to the highest standards. The Rock Island Standard FS 1911 comes in at a very reasonable price for a gun that looks and feels like a Colt 1911. Apr 16, 2020 · Russ Chastain 04. com or fax it to 1-855-431-3473 and include your name or order number. The first ever firearm I purchased for myself was a Rock Island Armory 1911 GI. $15. 5″ barrel) for about 10 months now. The Rock Island 1911 isn’t a replica. 88 inches, and height is 5. Please choose a frame size from the right-hand side. Feb 16, 2008 · Went ahead and made an online purchase of a Rock Island Tactical via gunbroker. May 10, 2018 · Rock Island isn't the first company to build a 1911 downsized to fit the . 45 ACP! Please note that this kit does NOT include a frame or magazine. It was then sent to the late Dave Schwarze 1911, respected pistol-smith of Indiana, as the base gun for the following build: McCormick trigger group with trigger job Barrel fitted to slide Bushing fitted to barrel Beavertail grip safety w/ memory bump greg cote, llc : armscor-rock island-1911 act-mag - fisher space bullet pens browning mec-gar magazines mec-gar and cz plus two adapter sig sauer magazines para ordnance mec-gar magazines taurus (mec-gar and act-mag) beretta mec-gar & act-mag kimber ten ii / bul m-5 mec-gar ruger mini 14, mini 30 & 10/22 eaa witness mec-gar magazines luger mec-gar magazines walther mec-gar & factory ruger mec XT 22 Magnum - 22 Magnum I see one of these in my future! 15 rounds of . Mar 14, 2018 · The Rock Island 1911 is a great starter-priced 1911 around $500 that maintains the look of a standard GI model with decent parkerizing and surprisingly good trigger. 45 ACP and outfitted with a 3. Paul Harrell 253,445 views. I am not surprised. The above pictures show the individual parts as well as the quality that goes into each part and what the finished product will look like. Rock Island Armory 1911. I got to shoot it on Saturday, and here's my impressions: (1) Fit and finish: The fit and finish on this firearm are excellent. This is a not an FFL item. My ammo was Winchester WinClean ammo. ” Last, if you look at a real government issue M1911A1, you will notice that the finish is dark gray with green and brownish tints. The 1911 forums have had little negative to say about the R. " Mine has never let me down and shoots pretty well, although I do not like the black on black sights that came with it. 45 ACP Semi-automatic Pistol. Both are chambered for 45 ACP, but the RIA costs a lot less than the Colt. It started it's life as a RIA G. a tight budget, short timeline, or strong desire for the result) will quickly turn an enjoyable journey into an arduous trek. I don’t know how much work they’d done on the breech and feed ramp but the bottom of the breech was much shinier and smoother than all of the other edges around it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rock Island Armory 1911 5"" Full Size Tactical Builder's Kit . Glock vs. Rock Island Armory 1911 Pro Ultra Match 10MM Pistol, 6" Parkerized - 52000. You’ll need to supply your own frame. In fact, I wasn’t expecting more than one and it was a surprise when Rock Island sent out two of their latest 1911s for T&E. 40ACP) Mar 24, 2016 · Despite the blog being down, I’ve still be working on testing the now excellent Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 9mm. Please visit your local dealer. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Oct 10, 2019 · Rock Island Armory 1911 Review - Duration: 15:03. I am impressed with how both of these 1911s performed and if they do a little more on the coating side of things I think these are winners. 45 and I also have a Taurus. After that firing session here’s what I did: One needs to do Syd’s The Rock Island Armory 1911 Semi-Automatic Handgun from Armscor is an iconic American firearm with modernized engineering and fantastic performance. Some are better than others. ᅠ It features all steel construction with a 5 inch barrel, GI type sights, matte nickel frame, parkerized slide, spur hammer, short trigger, flat mainspring housing, wood grips, GI guide Rod and plug, rear Rock Island *** NOTICE- For customer supplied guns HCG and Tac packages 12 week estimated build times. My first firing session of 100 rounds was very frustrating. Im planning on building it to shoot limited minor and 3-gun. FMJ Flat Nose bullets with 7. Start a Build. In fact, I've had very few problems with feeding, jamming, stovepiping - nothing. The rear sight is designed in the "low profile" configuration for easy holstering and makes for a great target, combat, or concealment sight. The A1 Greetings - New Rock Standard Ordered. 22 TCM. I remember being a kid in the 1980s swooning over Colt's glossy catalog and its then brand-new Mustang. Im ne I know for a lot of folks this is a negative, but you have to keep reminding yourself, “$350. Most 1911 feeding/ejection problems can be cured with changing the magazine (try this first) usually to a Wilson or McCormick (I like the 47D Wilson mag the best); then, re-tensioning the extractor or replacing it completely with a better one (the Wilson Bulletproof Extractor is king) and making sure I Jan 18, 2018 · And all this for a more than reasonable sum. 45 ACP Commander Standard. C. 25″ 45/9/38 STAINLESS WITH CHECKERED GRIP NOVAK SLIDE. Add to cart Add to wishlist. MSRP is a far more reasonable $906, which means more like $800 on the street so to speak. Another double-stack 1911 that won't break the bank is the Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra FS HC. Under BATF this is not a firearm. Since I already own several Rock Island 1911-based pistols, and carry either the 2nd-generation Rock Island 1911 FS Tactical or a 3rd generation RIA 1911 MS Standard as my EDC, it only seemed logical to me to continue on with a Rock Island Armory (Armscor) product that had the features that I Jan 07, 2018 · One of the most impressive things about the M22 is that if you don’t like the limited 5-round magazine, the rifle is capable of chambering Rock Island’s 22 TCM 1911 17-round magazines. I was trying to shoot right handed, both eyes open, hoping to get my right eye to compensate. Estimated delivery of new rock island pistols - "soon" *** Reliability and Race Ready Package on customer supplied guns - 8 weeks US Patriot Armory is your #1 website for complete 1911 build kits, parts and accessories for a wide variety of calibers, frames and models. 00 – $1,000. As I said above this isn’t a combat pistol. for sale by Blue Robin Guns on GunsAmerica - 932892245 Jun 06, 2019 · One of the most prominent examples of a budget 1911 is the Rock Island Armory (RIA) 1911. Rock Island 1911 Government Model 5", . This is a truly a unique example of a exceptionally rare WWII Ithaca Model 1911A1 pistol specifically made and presented to CAPT. This is a direct replacement sight set for all of the original standard fixed or adjustable sights 1911 range report, range report rock island 1911 45 , ria 1911 . These are the same folks that produce various basic and enhanced 1911 type pistols for companies such as: Charles Daly, High Standard, Rock Island Armory, STI International, and Tanfoglio. Similar to those from Clark Custom, the TAC Ultra’s stainless There are other good contenders: Springfield’s GI is pretty good, and so is the Auto-Ordinance GI, but they still cost $100 or more, on average, than Rock Island’s GI 1911. Please send copy of FFL to sales@hellfirearmory. Maybe he's got a frame and wants to build something different. 95. At least not without some serious heavy machinery and a background in machining. Mar 24, 2015 · Gun Review: Colt 1911 Government Series 80 . However, a design that was considered little better than a toy 30 years ago is now accepted as a serious self-defense option due to improvements in May 24, 2019 · That’s a lot of history. 45cal Non-Ramped Barrel, Matte Nickel Grips for Rock Island 1911. I usually don't buy any firearm unless I handle it and make sure it is what I want. At Advanced Tactical, we work very hard to provide our valued customers with first class service apparent in all aspects of our store, from browsing our intuitive & informative website, to purchasing & delivery to your door. The Arms Corporation  It's built by the master gunsmiths in the Rock Island Armory Medallion shop with a mission to deliver best priced match grade 1911 available. Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol Review - Duration: 24:18. Upgraded barrel, bushing and guide rod. Mine cost me $480 Dollars and is built on a better frame than most  13 Jan 2015 Fast forward to about a month ago. It’s a blast to the past. Special Order - Allow 2 weeks - Ships Separate. 99 Shipping) 1911's Forum; Rock island armory's 1911's; Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. THIS KIT CONTAINS A NON-RAMPED BARREL YOU GET A NON-RAMPED BARREL WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM THE PICTURE IN THE LISTING SHOWS THE INCORRECT ITEM (SORRY ABOUT THAT) Rock Island Armory 1911 5" Full Size Kit . 45cal RIA Parts This cannot be built into a firearm without a legally purchased receiver and as May 29, 2019 · Rock Island 1911 with upgrades $350. The Rock Standard full-size is built in traditional classic 70 series design and delivered with Rock Island Armory's top quality production and engineering  RIA bbr 3. I added a trigger and hammer group kit, magwell guide with wolff spring, beavertail, storm lake barrel & bushing. That won’t stop you from making a nice 1911 that you can put your stamp on. :( It is my first 1911 and I am completely new at the world of customizing a 1911. I have a RIA, very well made, tightly fitted, and accurate. S. Jump to Latest Follow Build quality looks fine. All parts fit tightly, and the exterior metal finish is smooth and clean. The Rock Standard full-size is built in traditional classic 70 series design and delivered with Rock Island Armory's top quality production and engineering standards. 38 super. Smith, at the end of WWII, as noted in the excellent book; "U. 50 plus shipping. Rock Island Armory 51447 Rock. It’s exactly what Rock Island did with their Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm. Rock Island Armory 51814 GI St. This is a discussion on broke hammer on rock 1911 within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Well i didnt purchase this one for serious stuff. It’s an affordable entry 1911 for historical collectors, or those looking to start with a basic 1911 and build it up into a custom gun. Please note, this interactive form is not setup up for use on all mobile devices. There also happens to be a few other RIA guns out there, including two versions of essentially the same . Rock Island Armory 1911 GI Standard FS Semi-automatic . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest The Rock Island Armory line of entry to mid-level 1911’s hardly needs introduction. https:///open bucket of wormshttps:/// I recently picked up a new RIA Pro-Match Ultra HC in . 5″ 45ACP OR 9mm STAINLESS FRAME CHECKERED GRIP. Ed Brown fire control kit added-old Rock Island fire control parts included. Rock Island, by the way, is a huge island and tourist attraction in the Philippines. The compact alloy frame is equipped with wood grips, and it can chamber up to 7 rounds of powerful . 22 Micro Mag, using Rock Island Armory frames and slides, and the cartridge attracted the attention of Martin Tuason, president of Armscor. Rock Island Armory 51949 TCM R. Of course, shooting 9mm ammo is much less expensive. Posted by Mike Briner on Feb 5th 2019. Re: 9mm 1911 parts build on a budget Something else to consider why not buy a base model Rock Island in 9mm that would be a perfect platform on which you could build a nice custom pistol from. Built true to the original U. 1911 front sight. As always, you may also place your order online or via phone directly through Rock River Arms for at home delivery on other applicable items. I chose the matte nickel finish. 1911 Rock Island Armory Tactical Builders Parts Kit you pic the caliber 45 ACP - 9mm - 10mm - 40 Cal Comes with all the parts to build a 1911 pistol excluding the frame and magazine. Shooting at 7 yards, poor lighting so the fiber optic was not optimal. All BATFE, GCA & NFA rules apply! This item must be shipped to a Federal Firearm License (FFL Rock Island Armory Baby Rock 1911 Rock Island isn’t the first company to build a 1911 downsized to fit the . 22TCM/9mm. This steel frame pistol features all the same familiar and reliable operating controls that you've become accustomed to. Operations left to be performed are: Alquist Arms features Armscor 1911 45acp Tactical Builders Kit from ARMSCOR/ROCK ISLAND. model (which most closely resembles the M1911A1 that saw service from World War II to Vietnam), a Commander model, a Compact model, a Match model, and a Tactical model. 1911 80% Complete Build Kit. Rock Island Armory 51623 Rock. More like a project to play the gun games with. Bad build (1 2) Rolo1911. 45 – a solid performe. Rock Island Custom 1911 Description: This is a build on a Rock Island 4140 Steel FrameBlack 4140 Steel,Model 1911 Slide5" Ed Brown Stainless Steel Match Grade BarrelStainless Steel Barrel bushingStainless Steel Grip SafetyStainless Steel Thumb SafetyStainless Steel Skeleton HammerStainless Steel Beavertail ( Beavertail is of-set slighty for that big hand )Wood Colt Type Mar 26, 2006 · My many years shooting the 1911 have taught me one thing about 1911 reliability and jamming. Rock Island Armory XT 22, Model 51930 . Nov 09, 2017 · Craig had been working on a custom 1911 chambered in his . The Rock is also a popular tourist spot where folks swim and surf, and etched onto each and every Rock Island Armory slide. This makes it ideal for people with large hands but even with my hobbit sized hands I found the gun easy to use. You can get one already setup and then customize as needed. Shop now and upgrade those standard parts with these high-quality parts from the top manufacturers. 3 Jun 2018 I am finally getting some content out to you all from the road. I bought a Sarco . Located in Siargao Bay, the Rock is a fitting inspiration for a 1911 handgun. Most 1911 pistols, built to original 1911 specs will work whether they have 5" , 4" (Officer model) and many 3" (like the Kimber Ultra) barrels (see the picture at the top of this page for dust cover length requirements). 3 hours 16 min ago By Thornhulk Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44 with EBR-4 MOA Riflescope SE-1626 - $299. 40S&W/. All TAC series 1911s include a full-length under-picatinny tactical rail to allow any choice of custom attachment. Apr 22, 2020 · Photo by Ralf’s Pix. I have this sight on all my pistols. Build your own series 70 1911 with this Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical Builder’s Kit in . Even the Kimber Owners are kind in their posts toward the product. However, we are not open to the public for direct sales. 1911 Frame - . I have good news for all those asking about the Rock Island 45’s. Rock Island 1911 accessories like grips and sights are affordable on eBay. At the risk of stating the obvious, the point of building a 1911 is not to have a 1911, but to build a 1911. Made by the famed gun manufacturer ARMSCOR of the Philippines, the RIA series of 1911’s are famous for quality construction, affordable cost and incredible out of the box performance. I plan on getting new grips pretty quickly, I am not a fan of the RIA grips. MAGAZINE NOT INCLUDED - PLEASE CAREFULLY CHECK COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR SPECIFIC MAKE/MODEL/CALIBER BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER:- Rock Island Armory & 1911 Compact (9mm/. Extractors, ejectors, hammers, and struts can be purchased. Changes made to the order before the build has started will not incur any extra charges. 27 This Rock Island is a very nice basic 1911. My best research indicates more Rock Island pistols were sold the past few years than any other single make of 1911. 25″ Parts Kit. g. LPA fully adjustable, white dot sight set for all Rock Island Armory 1911 platform pistols and clones. Apr 15, 2017 · The Rock Island Armory series of 1911’s offers incredible bang for the buck, and comes with quality of manufacturing and years of expertise. 45 ACP Commander 4. The magazine is cheap and she needs a polish job. It’s currently at 1,824 rounds, and here’s the fun part. Finding the absolute best USA made 80% 1911 for your next build has never been easier. When it comes to a personal defense handgun, the Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact GI is one you can trust. Here are a few ways we are here for you in the interim: Residential Support . Available: • Rock Standard CS – Chambered in . 00 | Rock Island Armory 51577 1911 Rock Ultra Warrior 45 ACP Compact 10. 45acp today. I picked up this one up from Sarco Inc, for a $284. I’ve had my RIA 1911 (Officers model – 3. 921 (a) (3) . 58 $ 38. It's chambered in . . Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. dealer paid shipping. FWIW: the Rock island 1911 A1 is a very sound platform for the pricepoint. The author created this six-shot group by firing the TAC Ultra rapidly at 15 yards. Smooth, angled, snag-free style Rock Island Armory 51615 GI St. 1911s are still produced in massive numbers and they come in almost any configuration you could want. We provide our customers secure & protected transactions, order status updates, tracking numbers, and much more. Overall a Colt build is going to be a little more straight forward, but it's not like many people have an Uzi for edc, so the mag swap advantage is lost. I just bought a RIA Tactical FS . Recoil springs and reverse plugs are available. pattern 1911 . 45. 22TCM) Rock Island 1911 Compact (9mm/. I used the red lock tight and it seems to be holding fine. My first thought was, “Huh?!? Why on  12 Apr 2019 RIA Self-Guided Tour: Rock Island Arsenal Museum. Basic Facts Of The RIA 1911. Apr 26, 2010 · do rock island armory 1911s have firing pin safeties, do sig 1911s have a firing pin safety, ria 1911 firing pin safety, rock island 1911, rock island 1911 or sig sauer 1911, rock island 1911 tactical review, rock island armory, rock island armory 1911, rock island armory 1911 gi vs sig 1911, rock island armory vs sig 1911, rock island armoury 80% 1911 Complete Build Kit. 38 Super 1911 A2 and Armscor 1911 A2 FS PS 9mm 17 round magazine with the nickel finish, Mec-Gar Para Ordnance P18 17 RD magazine MGP183817N. Hands-On With Beretta’s New 92X Full Size, Centurion, Compact and Performance Models. Rock Island 1911 tactical upgrades ranging from individual parts to complete tactical kits with barrels, a Rock Island 1911 slide, and accessories can be found. 45 Acp Complete Parts Build Kit - 11949407 This Auction has been viewed 936 times. 45 Full-Size 5" Tactical Builders Kit w/ Slide & Barrel - $334. The Rock Island Armory 1911 TAC Ultra CS in 9mm caliber was fun to shoot, easy to handle, and I managed the recoil well. Week two Aug 24, 2017 · Patrick at 1 SHOT KILL IT MEDIA LLC has a new 1911! Here is his unboxing and feature review of the new Rock Island Armory TAC ULTRA FS 45 ACP 1911. For new Rock Island high capacity pistols are a great budget-friendly option for a RIA Tactical Package - $975 (includes everything in the Race Ready Ammo · 2011 Pistol · 1911 Pistols · Rock Island · Pistol Parts · Benelli M2  Armscor's Rock series is Rock Island Armory's most well optioned line of 1911 pistol built in the 70 series design, along with next-level upgrades. The RIA . Im ne ROCK ISLAND ARMORY 1911 . 45 ACP Ria Parts at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! - Rock Island Armory logo (left side) - Finish Parkerized - Caliber 45 ACP chambered non ramped standard barrel - Completely machined - CAL 45 ACP marking (top chamber) - Finish parkerized - Complete set of 1911 caliber 45 small parts. No parts breakages, and no issues with the build quality of I have two Rock Island 1911s, one in 9mm and the other in . View our Rock Island Armory Cerakote image collection. Comes with three magazines and manual. Hey guys. Saying that Rock Island Armory 1911'S are Made from old Colt Gun making machines. 38 Super 1911 A2 17 RD nickel MGP183817N [MGP183817N] - Armscor Rock Island Armory 9mm or . For someone looking to get into the 1911 game and can’t afford the overly expensive competitors and don’t want to settle for the cheaper less Brownells is your source for How To Build a 1911 at Brownells parts and accessories. -Finished parkerize 1911 80% Full size frame in series 70. 45 ACP Commander Standard Bob Tail. This is a serialized item considered to be a firearm by BATFE. the slide slows after awhile as it gunks up with carbon build up. broke hammer on rock 1911. Dawson Precision Rock Island 1911 Mil Spec Fixed Carry Optic Rear Sights. I was a bit embarrassed, as I was trying something new: FACT: I am left eye dominant and naturally shoot lefty. Fit and Aug 30, 2013 · Another rock is the Rock Island in the Philippines. I shot my first Rock Island Armory pistol during SHOT 2017. Here is the 1911 I built and use for USPSA. Custom Rock Island 1911 Tactical II 10mm Build Discussion in ' Carolinas 1911 Forum ' started by jcs3876 , May 30, 2014 . This one is the full meal deal, with many of the features people like about 2011-style pistols without the eye-watering price tag. Unloaded, the pistol weighs 39 ounces. Other 1911 Rock Island Armory - Lumanova Adjustable Sight Set LPA fully adjustable,Luminova sight set for all Rock Island Armory 1911 platform pistols and clones. 1911 80% Complete Build Kit - Without Frame. Build one on JMB’s preeminent 1911 platform and well, you’re guaranteed to strike the sentimental admiration of millions. I found a phenomenal deal on Gunbroker for a new-in-box Rock Island Armory M1911A1 . The M 1911 GI standard is a great representation of the original US GI combat issue 1911 and is chambered in 45 ACP and built with Armscor's exacting  14 Feb 2020 Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS HC: The Most Affordable Double In terms of how they build their guns, as well as price points, they're  The 1911 Parts Kit was designed to make your build as easy as possible, we include This 1911 slide-and-parts kit by Rock Island Armory is the perfect way to  28 Aug 2019 Build Quality. Amazon. The 9mm in at the gunsmiths now having new sights being put on. Rock Island Armory make a 1911 in . com : DURAGRIPS - RIA Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical Ambi Grips - Gritty PUNIZHER : Sports & Outdoors. Building 102, 1905-1909; Building 102, 1919-1942; Building 60, 1948-present. Nighthawk Custom 1911 – . Zero failures of any type. The work involved in doing so can be frustrating, and anything that multiplies that frustration (e. The frontstrap of the Rock River Arms 1911 grip frame is checkered 25 lines per inch and so is the flat mainspring housing. the Rock Island 1911’s are all about price. GI-combat issue 1911, this full-size beauty has been hand-fitted and inspected to strict tolerances for ultimate performance and Guide Rods, Plugs, Buffers Palmetto State Armory has a great selection of Guide Rods, Plugs, & Buffers for 1911 handguns. 22 mag. Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 Succumbing to the 9mm 1911 peer pressure around here; I have it on good authority that Freeze secured this Rock Island Armory 1911 today. Here are my findings. 99 ($9. My recommendation is going to be to skip RIA’s entry level stuff, their GI guns and whatnot, and go straight for either their Rock Ultra series or their Tac series. I have two modern 1911 . This is not an FFl item due the machining required to finish the product. com for a detailed quote on a custom pistol order. For new gun orders 12 week estimate once we receive the pistol from Rock Island. Makes a very nice kit for building your new 80% 1911 pistol. This 80% 1911 build kit is not considered a firearm and is compliant with the gun control act of 1968 as defined in 18 U. Talk about fun! 22 Magnum Pistol Rock Island Armory 1911 Airsoft Guns Self Defense Personal Defense Tactical Gear Tactical Clothing Firearms Hand Guns Jul 15, 2015 · Rock Island Armory’s heavy-hitting TAC Ultra is a tricked-out 10mm 1911 that costs a fraction of a similarly equipped custom gun. Rock Island 4140 Ordinance Steel 1911 Stripped frame in BlackFrame has . 99. The museum has been closed twice, during World War I and World War II, to provide more space for manufacturing facilities. This item must be shipped to a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder. This pistol in all respects is an original, as manufactured Model 1911A1 pistol produced by the Ithaca Gun company. I spent a couple of weeks digging around for parts kits and the only reasonably priced options I could find were either the Sarco or Rock Island kits. It is the second-oldest US Army Museum in the US after the West Point Museum. 1911 80% OFFICER BUILD KIT 3. The GI Standard FS’s grip safety had also been smoothed out. Well I went and done it I rented a 1911 at the range today, and I have got to have one!! I originally was planning on a Colt Rail Gun but man, how expensive. 04-15-2020 06:28 PM Rock Island 1911 EFS 45Acp (1 2) Lman57. Quench your pewpewlife gunporn instict by building your own style wicked sick custom AR15. Here is his unboxing and feature review of the new Rock Island Armory TAC ULTRA FS 45 ACP 1911. Jun 20, 2017 · The Rock Island Armory series of 1911’s offers incredible bang for the buck, and comes with quality of manufacturing and years of expertise. Rock Island 1911 front sight. Custom grips normally take 1-3 weeks to be ready to ship. If you buy a kit - parts slide frame ,etc you realize that you need special tools to complete your build. And modern ammo with improved ballistics, like the new Sig Sauer 365 ammo I used in this field test, is designed for short-barreled pistols and gets the job done. It has to enable you a fast and easy draw at all times and conditions. 45 ACP ammunition. The larger hole on the left is where three rounds hit the target. The Rock Island pistol is built with 4140 steel, using a CNC manufacturing process which makes for a high-quality machined firearm  30 Aug 2013 Thus, a fitting place to build a 1911 clone is the Philippines. Toggle menu Free Shipping On orders over $100 (*certain restrictions apply) The Rock Island Armory series of 1911’s offers incredible bang for the buck, and comes with quality of manufacturing and years of expertise. Dec 26, 2015 · After a lot of mind-wracking, I decided that I needed to give the 9mm 1911-based pistol a fair shake. 1. Please contact us via email at info@hayescustomguns. 10 45 acp / grip replacement (1 Replies) Last by Steam Boat Today 04: 25 PM Bad build (29 Replies) Last by Zaphod B 04-15-2020 06:28 PM. 45 for $330! One other person bid on it and raised the price from $330 to $345; but it was still an excellent deal. 00, then have to buy and get installed good sights, and the barrel will have to be throated to feed wad cutters,after spending for the basic mods you could buy the Springfield range officer, it is a way better built gun and Rock Island Offices on Orcas and San Juan will be closed to general public access until further notice. It seems that there are a bunch of people that are RIA curious lately. To continue, please select an option and hit "Next". rock island 1911 build

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